WHAT IS DED — in glory, may never die

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$USA is the native token of the DEDPRZ ecosystem. $USA can be deposited into the casino to be used for all types of game play. $USA will be needed to stake DEDPRZ NFTs. Each DEDPRZ NFT needs to be paired with 2,500 $USA tokens to enter the staking pool.

DEDPRZ (The Protocol) will use monthly profits from the casino to buyback $USA, bought back tokens will then be deposited into the vault. DEDPRZ NFT stakers will earn monthly $USA rewards from the vault.

The Casino

The DEDPRZ Casino will feature all of the most popular casino games, including slot machines, live blackjack, roulette, bonus games, sports book, and live pvp poker. The Casino will have a wide variety of cryptocurrencies enabled for deposit, to make it as convenient as possible for our customers.

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Here you will find information displayed about $USA
-Market Cap
-Circulating Supply
-Liquidity Pool metrics
-Trading Volume
-Widget to buy $USA with a CC


The Dashboard will include our staking portal, here members will be able to connect their wallet and select which assets to stake.

Members can stake their NFTs to begin earning $USA rewards from the protocol. Rewards will remain in the vault until the user has claimed them.


Here you will find information displayed about DEDPRZ NFTs
-Market Cap
-Floor Price
-Total NFTs Listed
-Trading Volume



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